Breast Functional Genomics

Data for "The Functional Genomic Landscape of Human Breast Cancer Drivers, Vulnerabilities, and Resistance"


"Functional Genomic Landscape of Human Breast Cancer Drivers, Vulnerabilities and Resistance"

Richard Marcotte*, Azin Sayad*, Kevin R. Brown, Felix Sanchez-Garcia, Jüri Reimand, Maliha Haider, Carl Virtanen, James E. Bradner, Gary D. Bader, Gordon B. Mills, Dana Pe’er, Jason Moffat and Benjamin G. Neel
Cell, Volume 164, Issues 1–2, 14 January 2016, Pages 293–309

(* Equal Contributions)

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Annotation Files

Cell line subtypes: sub-typing of each cell line according to

updated shRNA annotations: Update to Entrez gene ids and symbols, to account for changed symbols, deprecated Entrez ids and the like. Approximately 300 gene ids from the original TRC II annotations no longer exist, leading to a slightly reduced overall gene id and shRNA count.